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Step by Step Guide To Remove Amazon Negative Reviews for Free without Using Any Tools

It’s happened to every Amazon seller at some point or another. No matter how big or small their business is. One of their buyers leaves a negative review of their product with an anonymous “Amazon Customer” or an incomplete “Mehmet A.” In fact, it is rare to find a buyer leave their real name when they post a review. Therefore, it can be hard to match the corresponding order ID with the buyer’s name in the Amazon Seller Central. On top of that, there is never any contact info on the buyer’s profile page.

For most Amazon sellers, especially private label owners and brand managers, negative reviews can be fatal to a product’s sales. So when a negative review does appear, it is important to deal with before it can become a serious issue. Is there any way to help you find out the corresponding order once a negative review appears on your product listing? The answer is yes and we will explain how in the steps below.

Step 1: Choose a negative review to get started. Go to the negative review, right click the hyperlink under the buyer’s name, and choose Inspect.

Step 2: Find out the reviewer’s Customer ID (Buyer ID). The Customer ID of A3FE3B1WKKMZPS is shown in the highlighted part of the code.

Step 3: Login to your Amazon Seller Central and find the order ID of the negative review. This part of work calls for some patience. Please follow the steps below:
1. Choose Orders > Manage Orders.
2. Click “Advanced Search”.
3. Input the ASIN or SKU of the product that received the negative review.
4. Choose a time period ordered in the “last 365 Days” and click Search.
5. The default list of orders will only show 15 results. To expand the search results to 100, use the drop-down box at the top.

6. Right click on the blank part of the page and choose Inspect.

7. Press Ctrl+ F to call up the search box and input the Customer ID(Buyer ID)you found in Step 2. You will be able to see the corresponding order ID105-0249806-0089017 if the order information of the review is in this page.

8. If the corresponding order ID does not show in the page, then click the next page and repeat step 7 until you find it.

In what situation might the search results fail to return the corresponding order?
1.The reviews are generated from non-verified purchases.
2.There are multiple sellers who have listed the same ASIN with you on Amazon. You are not able to find the order ID of a review when this customer bought the product from other sellers.

It makes a big difference to finally be able to find the order ID and contact customers directly to resolve negative reviews. Searching for each order ID one by one, however, can be very tedious. On top of that, it is confusing to look through lines of code to find each one. Isn’t there a simpler way?

Meet AMZFinder, the automatic Amazon review management tool for sellers. The seller tool saves you from the tediousness of manually matching order IDs and reviews. Get rid of negative reviews and improve your working efficiency with AMZFinder.


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