Supports Worldwide Amazon Marketplaces

The AMZFinder Feedback Request System can be applied to all Amazon marketplaces including US, UK, CA, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP and more.


Set Personal Mail Rules

It is now possible to send emails to customers at a specific time or through specific channels. Before automatically sending emails, you are able to choose if the mail should be sent by order generation time or through the fulfillment channels (FBA/FBM) of different marketplaces.

Automated VAT Invoice Generator

The AMZFinder Feedback Request System will generate VAT invoices according to your marketplaces and automatically synced orders. Sending invoices on European Amazon marketplaces can be done automatically, making it much easier for sellers.

Customizable Email Templates

The AMZFinder Feedback Request System also supports email template customization, allowing you to contact customers with your own personalized review request emails.

Default Multilingual Email Templates

The system comes with predefined email templates in multiple languages, so you can communicate with clients from various countries in just one click.

Convenient Blacklisting Service

AMZFinder has a blacklist system, with which you are free to block particular customers from your mailing list who are not willing to receive your emails.

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